Results of companies are the consequences of everyone’s behaviour within the company. That’s why in addition to investing into tools, KPI, process, R&D (…), companies should also invest more in people and management systems in order to increase performance.

By creating and improving recruitment processes & quality of recruitment, training and development programs, coaching, management systems & behaviours (…), companies will make the difference with their competitors in the long term.

How to improve recruitment processes & quality? By defining exactly the internal need in terms of profile, skills, education, experience, personality and qualities required for the position. If this is defined thoroughly, the head hunter will find the best candidate for the position and the candidate will succeed in his/her new role and contribute to company performance. In order to define exactly the profile, the n+1 and/ or president will have to be able to think short term and mid-term.

How to change people behaviours and make sure that they contribute to company performance? For example, by changing internal assessment systems which will value team work and communication rather than expertise or by changing compensation systems. Also, by developing, training or coaching people in order to improve or change their behaviours and make sure they fit with the company culture. For this reason, it is important that the CEO or President communicates clearly on company values and behaviours that are expected within the company, especially, if the organization is going through major changes.