Expertise is what makes the difference

Healthcare & Lifesciences

Healthcare and Life sciences companies today must innovate as the sector faces complexity.


The landscape has changed with the industrial sector now facing many challenges.


We find executives who can successfully anticipate, manage and lead business change.

Consumer, OTC & Retail

Companies in Consumer and Retail are witnessing a period of constant and rapid change.

We focus on developing and nurturing deep, long-term relationships with clients and candidates because strong relationships lead to the best ideas, informed options, and access to the most talented leaders we can find on the market.

We make it our business to know top executives extremely well and in depth : what are their unique skills , why did they change companies and functional roles  through their career, what are their soft skills, what motivates them,  what are their professional aspirations and the cultural environments in which they thrive,what are their values  (….)


Healthcare and Life sciences companies today must innovate as the sector faces complexity and ever-changing regulations and stakeholders. From product development through manufacturing and distribution, life sciences companies are evolving their business models “beyond the pill” to engage more fully with providers and patients throughout the product lifescycle and transform what is possible.

Executives at life sciences organizations are facing dual imperatives to deliver innovative therapies that address unmet patients needs and deliver profitable growth. Achieving these objectives is likely to require that companies transform their business models using disruptive technologies advancements .
Our objective is to find innovative business leaders with a deep understanding of sciences, regulations and, future medical needs, up-skilling leaders, defining future leadership skills and future organizations and, achieving business strategies.

Our Healthcare & Life sciences practice group has a deep understanding of the healthcare and life sciences market with experts located in all major markets worldwide. We have a strong history of working with the world’s largest and most successful healthcare and life sciences companies as well as helping new Biotech or Medtech companies to start a new business . We serve a variety of private or public companies from early stage start-ups to mid-size or large companies.
We take an integrated approach to each search, using the expertise of consultants with strong backgrounds in life sciences and allowing us to assemble the best team for every mandate in order to track and identify the most suitable candidate locally or cross-border. Our team has a strong international expertise and can easily track executive moves at global scale.

BHC’ s consultants form a powerful resource to provide an efficient, high-quality service to our clients.

The Healthcare and Life sciences sectors include:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Biopharmaceuticals

  • Biosimilars

  • Consumer Health

  • Generics

  • Healthcare Services

  • Medical Devices & Diagnostics

  • Medical Equipment & Technology

  • CRO

  • CMO

  • Health Technology


In the last decade the landscape has changed with the industrial sector now facing many challenges. BHC’s consultants are aware of the realities of the rapidly evolving globalization and transformation due to innovation and consolidation.

Increasing global industrial activity is driving the need for more sophisticated executives. Accelerating growth, technology advancement and increased complexity require senior management with broad experience who will make the real competitive difference and bring value-added solutions.

Our Industrial Practice team has a consultative approach and works closely with the client, developing the ideal candidate profile against their leadership culture and business goals. We ensure success and breakthrough performance in assessing, motivating and recruiting world class leaders who will make the real competitive difference. We serve every region including emerging markets.

Our Industrial Practice Group has expertise in the following business sectors:

  • Alternative & Renewable Energy

  • Automotive

  • Agribusiness

  • Building Products

  • Capital Equipment

  • Chemicals

  • Energy

  • Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

  • Mining & Metals

  • Paper & Packaging

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Utilities


Having the right leaders and managers in place can make the difference between success and failure in this continually growing, yet volatile, industry. What’s needed are leaders who have the agility to handle constantly evolving business models from online digital markets to on-demand services to outsourcing to offshoring and more.

BHC & Partners can help your technology company find executives who can successfully anticipate, manage and lead business change. We focus on the most dynamic areas of the market and we are recognized as one of the leading executive search firms. As specialists in profiling, selecting and recruiting highly skilled senior executives, we’ve helped companies find and retain talent in the United States, Europe and a variety of Latin American countries.

Our Technology Practice has considerable experience, having hundreds of search assignments for IT Outsourcing, Software, Hardware, IT Consumer Goods, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, and Telecommunications clients.  In fact, we’ve successfully helped a variety of technology companies identify and hire for a variety of roles including: CIO, VP of Engineering Software, Digital Marketing Director, IT Cybersecurity, Developing and Programing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.


Companies in Consumer and Retail are witnessing a period of constant and rapid change. They are facing a diversity of challenges, for example, fast changing consumer needs, new technologies, shorter product life cycles, on-line shopping, brand engagement, etc. Consumers are now shopping in new ways and having the right offer, pricing , channel of distribution, brand extensions or, product innovation is key in order to compete among consumer companies. This often means integrating talent from other industry sectors or with competencies developed in other sectors.

In order to meet the coming challenges with the best preparation that companies can have, they need the support of suitable top talent and specialists who will fit with their culture.

Our experts support their clients in the consumer goods industry by finding their way through the many changes that lie ahead. We can deliver effective leadership in areas such as innovation, marketing, supply chain and manufacturing, new market development and progressive management of talent.

Our Consumer Practice group has extensive expertise in the following market segments:

  • Consumer Products

  • OTC Products

  • Food supplementing products

  • Nutritional Supplementation

  • Food & Beverage

  • Pet Food

  • Personal Care & Cosmetics

  • Retail & Travel Retail

  • Trade


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