Today, in enterprises, we find fewer succession plans because things happen too hastily. Human Resources Directors have more to do with the crisis than organize the management of high potentials’ careers.

In times of crisis, the Human Resources Director invests more time in restructuring, lower costs and communication crisis. As a consequence, these disappointed and frustrated High potentials leave their companies.

 The loss of High potential will be very expensive to businesses once these ones see mid-term effects on their business. Indeed, in recent years before the economic crisis, many companies have identified, integrated and developed High potentials but, today, they let them or make them leave to reduce internal costs or, on the pretext that there is no possible evolution in the short term.

Today, we make our own decisions for our career. It is no longer question of relying on Human Resources Directors to get your next position. Unfortunately, in times of financial and economic crisis, with growing international competition, companies have other priorities than manage careers of their executives and leaders.

Therefore, a fundamental question that must be asked is : “basically, what do I really want to do in my professional life? How do I want to be myself? What is my true added value ? ». To answer this question : DARE ACT, DARE TAKE RISKS, DARE CHANGE and DARE SUCCEED!