Recruiters hire a search firm when a top job is important enough and when discretion is needed. But, if you make a mistake at any point along the hiring process in the C-suite, it will cost you time and money. Recruiting Top performers is an exacting science and is labor intensive and complex. It also requires that the top executive search consultant has extensive recruiting skills, industry knowledge and business skills as well as enough psychology to be able to know and understand thoroughly who is in front of him/her.

This rare set of people skills in addition to business expertise make top flight recruiters difficult to find.

Top flight recruiters also know how complicated the business of moving people can be and happens once the candidate has joined the new company.

For this reason, top flight recruiters must also help the hired leaders undertake their first six months with the new company and support them in understanding: The new culture & values, the standards and practice, how decision making works, the current operational issues to solve in order to win quick wins, the team’s composition and individual team members’ performance to take smart decision toward the beginning, the identification of other important stakeholders outside the team, the cultural change needed and, the new strategy to define and develop .

By working with the Leader on his Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, the Top executive search consultant and the new leader will identify where are the “gaps” since he/she joined the new company. The top flight recruiter and the new leader have the same objective: to demonstrate progress in these different areas (see the above-mentioned areas) in order to show effective leadership and to ensure an effective integration.