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  • Customer Oriented
  • Partnership
  • Client is First


  • High Ethical standards and board member of AESC

  • Respect for people
  • Share information


  • Excellence
  • High quality standards
  • Continuous Improvement


  • Results
  • Communication
  • Expertise


Our clients speak for us

BHC doesn’t lose sight of the end goal, being able to find the best candidate and best fit for our organization
HRD Europe, Medical device company
I believe that a company needs a good balance between young and old people and, BHC is able to find the best talent that fits our need in terms of career background, candidate’s culture and values.
HRD, Industrial & multinational Company
Young people are not necessarily the key to innovation. Some of our techniques are older than memory and, methods are so new that they are considered trade secrets. But , whatever the technique, the execution relies on a highly motivated and dedicated human to give it life and, consultants at BHC are always able to find this type of talent across different markets and regions.
Global Talent Acquisition Director, Pharmaceutical company
At BHC, every client is important and, we can feel it . This is why we choose to work with them , because they care about their clients.
Talent Acquisition Director EMEA, Industrial company
BHC ‘s On-boarding process has really been an excellent way to improve candidates performance straight away within six weeks on-board.
HRD EMEA, Retail Company
BHC’s on-Boarding Process is very usefull and has helped me to be more confident when joining my new company.
Senior executive, Industrial Company


Success brings with it high standards of behavior and integrity

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